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Posted by : ///Macedo Nov 8, 2021

LFS Release a new modding app and i tested it.

yes, we will have to learn again how to make a mod for lfs

The system promises to make it a little easier to create new mods for the game, the poly limit doesn't seem to be an issue anymore, but we have direct recommendations from the developers on how to create a vehicle.

I faced a bit of difficulty, I was anxious I didn't read a paragraph of the documents made available by the devs (sorry lad)

Is possible create you own rim,engine,aero and physics at last you dont need a 500 opened tweaks for change engine/rims

Yes, is possible import old mods for the new lfs changing the .VOB name to .SRE format
is that my test was.

at first glance it looks a bit complicated, there are a lot of buttons and information in front of your eyes, i'm desperate like a child lost in a park

the things I found terribly unnecessary but could do otherwise.

UVMapping, it would be much easier if modders could import an already mapped model from their own modeler

Try to make it as perfect as possible or...
If you make a mistake in the 3D model, for example: import a model and continue where you left off, you will have to redo everything again

you can't export the model to fix on your own 3dsmax or blender

I don't know if the apps will be modified in the future, but I will still in assetto corsa at this moment.

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